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How To Bond With Your Kids In 2014

If you're a parent and still considering something to improve on in the New Year then why not make the resolution to form a deeper bond with your kids? Surely, all that work and material gain means absolutely nothing if you can't find anything to talk about with your offspring and from spending more time away from the office to getting off that 'smart' phone or ipad, this is the year where you can really ma ...

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Get Your Kids Ready For School

The advent of the autumn and September means many things to many people and perhaps while you're looking forward to country rambles and kicking leaves about, your neighbour may well be rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of a new football season. However, for the smaller members of society, September means only one thing – back to school – and if you're a parent who has a child going to school for the ...

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4 Surprising Habits That Will Affect Your Baby’s Future Behavior

Despite what people always say, it doesn’t always take a village to raise a child. Your actions alone have a huge impact on your baby. It doesn’t matter what you try to preach to your child, he will always pay attention to your actions more than your words. Children – even babies – are like sponges. They spend their formative years imitating you, which includes picking up your subtle habits and mannerisms, ...

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