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Getting The Most Out Of Your Car and What To Check For

Having car problems is one of the worst feeling is in the world. If you’re not an expert, it can be even more frustrating not knowing what is wrong or what to do. However, with a little knowledge you can learn to see the warning signs of trouble coming and do your best to keep your beloved car on the road. Driving with Love The simplest, easiest thing that you can do is to drive carefully. There is rarely a ...

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Skoda Octavia, past and present

The featured image is sourced from Flickr. The Skoda Octavia is one of the most well-known global car brands. With the new model successfully winning prizes as the best family car, we take a look at the illustrious history of one of the most successful automotive models in the world. Skoda’s first Octavia hit the roads in January of 1959. It was the eighth model off the production lines of Mladá Boleslav, a ...

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