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When Is The Right Time To Invest In Bonds?

With the approach of retirement and the ever volatile economic cycle it's always a sure fact that a person would want to at least have a soft landing if the pension seizes or the in case of loss of employment. However there are various investment opportunities that have been availed in the market. With stocks being too unpredictable and too risky bonds are now the easiest and safest way of investing your mo ...

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5 Important Facts About Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is the type of mortgage that are used by people who completely own their home to release their equity. They are often used by people who find that their pension is not enough to give them an income and so they decide they want some extra money. They may also use them so that they can give some money to their family and watch them enjoying their inheritance while they are still alive. They ...

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Failure of Facebook Stocks has Affected IPO Decisions

  The long expected Facebook IPO did not end very well. The very ordinary outcome of the offering is now showing its effects on other likely stocks to go public. Even worse, the shares of Facebook are now falling below 25% since opening. Many companies are now postponing or even rethinking the decisions to go into initial public offering. Kayak is one of such companies. When contacted, the spokesperson conf ...

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