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Making A Historic Home Green: Increasing The Environmental Friendliness Of Older Homes

While most modern homes are designed to be generally friendly towards the environment - older homes, on the other hand, often need some tuning up in order to be considered a green home. Older homes often have a classic look and feel to them which gives them their personality and therefore a lot of added value, something you do not want to tarnish or change in any way. Thankfully, with today’s technology it ...

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World’s Largest Open Air Landfills Rio Closes its Trash Mountain

World’s largest open air trash company Rio has decided to close its activities near Seaside Mountain in Guanabara Bay and thousands of people are feared to lose their jobs, following the steps. The company has been providing a source of income to thousands of local people since last 34 years but now they have decided to stay away from the business. The steps are feared to be dangerous as far as its impact o ...

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Britain to spend £30bn to Purify Water System

British government is motivated to spend £30bn to purify contaminated water. According to reports, various drugs companies have resisted an EU call for controls on potent chemicals which have been alleged for the gender alteration of freshwater fish. The government is intending to clean up rivers to make the water environment friendly for the fish. The huge sum has been allocated to various other projects l ...

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Home Improvements Costs Hike by 10% as Green Costs Become Mandatory

In UK, millions of house owners worry about the added “green” expenditure that they would be incurring if they want to make any fixes or indulge in any kind of home improvement expenditures such as installation of new windows, making new rooms, replacement of broken boilers or anything else. It was notified that none of the house owners would be given permission to make these changes until they agree to con ...

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