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Career Change Advice for the Responsible Adult

[caption id="attachment_15333" align="alignleft" width="205"] attributed to desireedimuro[/caption] There is a common fantasy. That moment where we storm into the boss’ office, let a few insults spew out, and then quit. Quitting is the easy part. It’s what comes after that is hard. When my mother quit fifteen years ago, she had no idea what she wanted to do career wise. All she knew is that she couldn't go ...

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Job Interview Guide – Spotting what is Behind the Questions

An interview will typically follow a question and answer format. Nevertheless, as we saw yesterday, the questions thrown at you will vary widely. They depend upon: The kind of interview The interviewer and his or her background, experience and quirks Some questions clearly call for straightforward factual answers, whereas others have you puzzling about where they are leading. Listen to questions Do not do t ...

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