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Keep It Legal: An Essential Guide For The Newly Self-Employed

Setting up as self-employed can be a very rewarding and liberating experience. But it is by no means without its complications. In addition to the stress of being 'in charge' for the first time, there are a fair number of legal requirements you must adhere to as well. Here are just a couple of key approaches you must take in order to keep everything above board. Be An Honest and Responsible Director As comp ...

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The Top 5 Things Every Divorcee Should Know Before Requesting Alimony

Spousal support, or alimony, is an important tool that allows a dependent spouse to maintain financial independence after divorce. Spousal support reform is a constant work in progress, making the rules and processes difficult for many divorcees to follow. The good news is that you can gain an advantage through careful research and realistic expectations. This quick pre-divorce checklist will help you get s ...

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Where Dreams Are Made Of: How To Become A Congressman

Becoming a Senator is a long-term dream. For those aspiring to become a Senator, many of them usually run for a Congressional seat first. This is because the Congress is a good training ground for future Senators. The Congress almost has the same responsibilities as a Senator, but a little lesser authority. By becoming a Congressman first, prior to running for the Senate, you can have the experience that yo ...

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