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How Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Family Life

Cancer is becoming a greater threat every year, both in the U.S. and around the world. It is expected that nearly 1.7 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2013 alone - according to That means that a lot of people will find themselves suffering through radiation, chemotherapy, and all of the other cancer treatments. Cancer is something that affects not just your life, but the lives of you ...

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Health Care In The Golden Years: Important Things To Consider

It’s a common joke for sitcom writers: Americans need to have fairly comprehensive medical insurance, whereas their neighbors to the north in Canada enjoy the benefits of free, universal healthcare, and in fact, an entire episode of The Simpsons involved a scam to import medicine illegally acquired for free in Canada, and then sell it to elderly residents back in the US. The cost of healthcare is something ...

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Secret Recipe to Longer Life Expectancy Among Men

The latest researches have shed light on the fact that men today have longer life spans and tend to live a remarkable 87 years on an average. But the real question is: can all men depend on these statistics and expect to live a longer life? There are numerous health hazards that men still face today which cut their lives a lot shorter than they would have otherwise. This includes factors such as smoking and ...

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