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Overseas Communication 101: Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad

Smart phones are great in the sense that they can do almost anything, aside from their primary function which is to connect you to other people. Whether you use the device to its maximum potential or not, you have the power of an entire office in the palm of your hand wherever you are — except when you are in a different country. Using your phone abroad the same you do back home is where it gets complicated ...

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HTML 5 and The Future

The Internet and everything that is within and connected to it regularly undergoes changes to suit the ever changing needs of most Internet users. Most web pages we see online were laid out using HTML as their main scripting and coding language. It makes use of different types of symbols, various attributes and syntax in order to come up with a perfectly designed website. Since it was first introduced, web ...

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Why Cloud-based Retail Telecom Would Take Over In The End

As more and more formerly brick-and-mortar businesses bridge the digital divide and make welcome the future of retail with online/virtual/augmented reality buying processes, industries and online VoIP service providers brace for the eventual takeover of cloud-based retail telecom technology. This upcoming scenario could be very well predicted in the light of the continued prevalence of mobile device use as ...

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