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The Art Of Weight Training

Weight training and resistance training are used to develop the muscles. Weight training uses the force of gravity against the force of your muscles to increase and strengthen them. Many different sports use strength training as part of their training regimen, from the more obvious sports of body building and power lifting, to track and field and basketball. Strength training is becoming increasingly common throughout the USA and is popular amongst women and men, so if you live in or around New Rochelle then you will have access to a gym that can help you improve your power and strength successfully.

The Art Of Weight Training

How to Use Weight Training to Improve Strength

A muscle will begin to improve in strength when it is forced to work harder than normal; this is also known as overload. This overload can be increased by adding to the weight that is being lifted, increasing the number of repetitions done by an individual and increasing the number of sets of exercises done by that individual. As you improve your muscle strength you will need to keep increasing these variables so that your muscles continue to work hard and improve their strength and size. The level of overload will affect how the muscles grow and strengthen, and this is something that you can discuss with your gym trainer.

How to Increase Muscle Size with Weight Training

Muscle size is also known as hypertrophy and it all depends on how much weight training you do and how you do it. It is important to use heavy weights if you want your muscles to grow. When you lift heavy weights your muscle fibres break and are repaired with bigger and stronger tissue. This is why your muscles get bigger when you weight train and this gives you the strength to increase your weights.

The Art Of Weight Training

The Different Types of Strength

There are three main types of strength that you can improve from weight training. These are strength endurance, power and maximum strength. Strength endurance aims to develop muscles that can cope with prolonged weight and are able to produce results under fatigue. This type of training requires high repetitions with a light weight and is useful for sports such as rowing and field sports. Power training aims to develop powerful swift movements such as those required during sprinting and throwing and can be achieved with a medium number of repetitions with a medium weight. The last type of strength is known as maximum strength and can be achieved by minimum repetitions with a heavy weight. This type of training is suitable for sports such as shot putt and power lifting.

Getting the Right Training Program

If you would like to start weight training or would like further information about the best way to improve your strength, and if you are looking for a gym in New Rochelle or the surrounding areas then click here and find out how you can achieve your weight lifting goals and train in the best way possible.

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