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Top 8 Video Gaming Accessories

Top 8 Video Gaming Accessories

The gaming experience gets better and better as the years roll on. Not only do games and consoles improve but accessories can also enhance the experience of feeling like you are in and not just playing a game. Here is a breakdown of the best accessories out there.

Wireless Stereo Headset for Xbox 360

Gamers can get addicted sometimes- albeit we like to think if there is such a thing as a healthy addiction then it can only be addiction to gaming! For those moments when you find yourself playing at 3am and don’t want to disturb your partner, this headset is a must have. Instead of muting the volume and ruining your gaming experience, simply slip these comfortable ear warmers on. Also, as they are wireless you don’t run the risk of accidentally unplugging them in moments of excitement, so buying these may be more of a gift for your partner than yourself!

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Wireless Controller for Xbox

Who says gaming is for couch potatoes? You don’t just need a Wii to make gaming physically active, at least not if you have this wireless controller. With a 30 foot range you can be jumping up and down and running around in your living room with the suspense of playing your favourite games.

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Wii Slip Proof Gloves

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Gaming is tense. It does feel like a matter of life and death. If you play the Wii in groups with friends and family using these gloves is only a matter of good manners. You wouldn’t want to touch a controller as sweaty as a sauna, so why subject others to that experience? You can also improve your gaming performance by keeping a steady grip on the controls.

Move Starter for PS3

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This finally allows you to bring motion control experience to games in HD. Similar to the Wii but with moves picked up easier, this accessory provides more comfort and enhancement than standard controllers for more static game playing.

Thrustmaster Ferrari for Xbox

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This steering wheel and set of pedals is a first of its kind coming with in-built Xbox controls and a replica of actual Ferrari Manettino controls. With a “bungee cord” that helps you turn sharp corners without crashing you may feel you never have to spend hundreds of thousands to experience life full speed at the wheel of a Ferrari.

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro

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Adding a right circle pad and two extra trigger buttons this boosts control options for most games. It makes you wonder why such controls were not included in the first place, but it cannot be denied that games are more enjoyable and easier to win with this feature (particularly shoot ‘em up games).

Nyko Raven Alternative Wireless Controller for PS3

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This allows PS3 users the delight of an Xbox 360 controller configuration. Again, being wireless allows for more fun, games and exercise. It feels a bit bulky though but will finally do PS3’s first person shoot ‘em up games justice as nothing beats Xbox configuration for them.

CTA Buzz Shotgun

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It gets no better than this! Not only can you alter your shooting style by shortening or extending the gun but it vibrates when you pull the trigger to create a more realistic sensation than just hitting A on your control pad. The white design means it won’t be mistaken for a real gun but the user experience is so well designed you’ll easily forget that when wiping out your on screen enemies.
Many thanks to the interactive team at Ladbrokes Games Online, for sharing this entertaining list; video technology and accessories are developed to bring your gaming experience alive, take the control today!

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